Why should you invest in a registration app?

A blog post from InGo claims that up to 50% of your event’s revenues come from registrations. This should keep you thinking why you should make the registration process as easy as possible for prospective attendees. Furthermore, it should also let you consider the different options that will allow you to automate the registration process. There are many companies that offer an event app, such as the highly-recommended EventsCase.

Here are 7 good reasons why event organisers have continually invested in a registration app for the past decade:

  1. An events registration app goes hand in hand with check-in

An event app is usually bundled with the check-in function. On the day of your event, this application will be instrumental in terms of how your guests can be allowed into the venue in the shortest time possible. There may also be attendees who will decide to join at the last minute. Through the said application, your staff can easily help these attendees sign up by asking for their details or by guiding them to fill out the registration form through a tablet. Once that is done, you can easily check in these guests on the fly.

  1. Allows VIP notification

A registration app will also tag important attendees as “VIP” during registration. For big events like academic conferences, this designation can be awarded to your speakers and sponsors. When they arrive, the app will notify your team members and these guests can be directed to their designated seats and be given a well-deserved “special treatment”.

  1. Eliminates the need for numerous staff

Before, when work processes were done through paper and pen, attendees for big events had to be ushered in manually by organising staff. With the use of a registration app, you don’t have to hire numerous staff anymore since the registration and check-in process is very straightforward and can even become a DIY affair. For some events, check-in can be done by the attendees themselves through designated reading machines that will confirm the validity of their tickets. They will then get a bracelet or a printed receipt that entry point staff can check.

  1. An event registration online app removes paper-based processes

Related to the previous item, it is absolutely convenient to use an event registration online app rather than using stacked guests lists and archives. Paper-based processes are not only messy; they may also succumb to human error. Imagine manual check-in of more than 1,000 guests into a specific venue. Your guests will have to suffer long lines and your program may be started late. For on-the-spot registrants, it may even be worse since their personal information has not been logged into the system yet. These effects are counterproductive to the goals and objectives of your event. Here you can find event ticketing software to get rid of paper based ticketing.

  1. Remembers returnees

A web-based registration app also accommodates customer relationship management. This means that attendees from your previous events have their information stored in your database. Thus, when they sign up for your new event, they can just log in without having to repeat the registration process. Text fields will be automatically filled out and they may only have to choose a ticket based on their budget.

Note: the way you treat returning customers is vital to build your credibility and imprint good customer service to your brand. If attendees feel that you are delivering poor service, they would not come back for your next event.

  1. An event registration app syncs automatically to your database

Because all data are stored in the cloud, a web-based event registration app will sync automatically — thereby rendering all devices from which the app is accessed from as “updated”. No matter how many mobile phones or tablets that your staff will use on the day of the event, all data will be current for so long as they connected to the internet. This is very important — especially for last-minute registrations and cancellations. You would not want your staff to turn away newly registered attendees because they are not in the guest list. You also would not want your staff to keep expecting VIP guests to arrive when they have already cancelled their attendance. If you want to know more about all-in-one solutions see here event management software.

  1. Gives you peace of mind

Last but not the least, a reliable registration app will give you peace of mind. As soon as you realise how efficient it is, you will be able to visualise how processes can flow seamlessly not only for your team members but also for your attendees. Peace of mind is a luxury for busy event organisers. Since up-to-date applications and solutions can deliver consistent results, you have less room for worry.

Registration App for iPad and Android Tablets

Event organisers may specifically look for a registration app for iPad and Android tablets. Why? A mobile application improves the accessibility of any event management solution! As long as your team members are connected to the venue’s Wi-Fi, they may be able to access your database and proceed with registration and check-in.

Depending on the availability of space, you may also set up registration or check-in kiosks using iPads or tablets. Kiosks are interactive machines that will allow your attendees to do self-service registration and check-in. Since buying specialised kiosks may cost you a hefty amount of money, you can always improvise today by simply using iPads or tablets. That is the reason why many keep researching for a registration app for iPad and Android tablets. If you can secure these mobile devices with a locked case or stand, you can rest assured that they will not be subjected to theft.

How to Look for an Event Registration Web App

Now that you have a clear idea of the benefits of an event registration web app, the logical question to ask is: which one should I invest in?

There are various software products related to event registration that is why you should be critical on which one you are betting your money on. A good place to start would be software review websites. If they say that experience is life’s best teacher, then you can consider the experience of other event organisers as a compass to making your decision. You may also take advantage of free demos from various vendors. This way, you will have first-hand experience on how it’s like to use their product.

Furthermore, look for an event registration web app with a large user base and which has accumulated different reviews from different people. Good reviews would specify the good and the bad. While there may not be a flawless application, there will be one that is most suitable to your event type and needs.

Lastly, if your company has enough resources, do not be too mindful of the price tag. If you expect high quality service and customer support, that may require you to shell out a little bit more money. As long as the price range is reasonable, try to get your hands on all qualified options.