Online event registration has become a standard in the events industry ever since the inception of the famous registration software. It is a practical way to increase attendee turnout because it makes registration and ticketing expedient for prospective participants.

In the past, confirming your attendance was slow and tedious since you may have had to go to an office to purchase tickets or call a telephone number to make reservations. For international events, invitations and tickets had to be mailed months before the event just to make sure that everything was in order. The times have changed for the better and, now, everything can be done online.

Registration only takes a few minutes using a conference registration software! If you’re curious as to what this type of software can do, here are three specific features:

  1. Create different types of tickets.

event registration software will allow you to create different types of tickets for your event. For conferences and other niche events, creating one ticket for all your attendees is simply not realistic since there may be different types of attendees with varying budgets. Using the software, you can easily configure different ticket types. You may even create private tickets by just sharing a link to specific people.

  1. Accommodate different payment platforms.

The use of a registration software will also allow you to accommodate different payment methods for your attendees. The most common payment platforms for online registrations are payment gateways like Authorize.Net. There are also other established online payment platforms such as PayPal and Stripe that many of your attendees may already know. If online payment is not possible, you may simply issue an invoice to the registrant straight from the software and manually approve them later on once they have made an offline payment through the bank or at your office.

  1. Launch different promos.

Last but not the least, you can make the registration process more dynamic using a registration software through promos. These promos would allow you to entice more people to register for your event – especially if it is more financially rewarding for them. For example, you may create different coupon codes that would translate to discounts. Alternatively, you may create early bird promos for the first 20 people to register for your event or create group discounts to registrants who would buy in bulk at one point in time.

Those are only some of the advantages of using a registration  software for your events.

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